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Wisconsin Technology Council publications are aimed at helping the public, policymakers, potential investors and entrepreneurs know more about the opportunities and resources in Wisconsin. 

These publications have included policy statements, such as "Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy," first published in 2002, and "The Economic Value of Academic Research and Development in Wisconsin," published in 2004. Other publications have included a summary on "Life Sciences in Wisconsin," conference programs and white papers. Please read on to discover more about Wisconsin's high-growth, high-tech economy.

Need for improved rural broadband coverage examined in Tech Council report
Widespread access to high-speed broadband coverage is necessary for the overall health and prosperity of much of rural Wisconsin, a report issued Monday by the Wisconsin Technology Council has concluded. “Connecting rural Wisconsin: The economic necessity of broadband” urges continued federal, state and private-sector efforts to make broadband coverage more pervasive in rural Wisconsin. 

Building companies & jobs: The case for a venture capital program in Wisconsin
The Wisconsin Growth Capital Coalition presents this comprehensive white paper as a roadmap for the state on the best and most efficient way to leverage the state’s limited resources to catalyze angel and venture capital investments and management in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin EDGE
You probably already know that Wisconsin is a leading dairy state, a brewing industry icon, a Northwoods recreation destination, a summer golfing haven and, yes, the home of the Green Bay Packers. But how much do you know about Wisconsin’s world-class technology economy? Please allow us to tell you more through the pages of Wisconsin Edge!

Academic R&D Report
In an age when innovation is king and “knowledge-based” solutions are being pursued for Wisconsin's economic growth, it is essential that support for research and development conducted through various Wisconsin research institutions remain high.

Vision 2020
To build a 21st century economy, Wisconsin must make the most of its people, resources and opportunities, and meet the challenges posed by the rise of the Knowledge Economy. To address these challenges, the "Tech Council" has developed a detailed set of recommendations that make up Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.

Wisconsin Portfolio
The Wisconsin Portfolio is designed to inform investors about exciting developments in our state’s risk capital economy.

Entrepreneurs Toolkit CD
The Entrepreneur's Toolkit provides business start-up information and assistance, networking contacts and technical resources all on one CD.

Wisconsin Innovation Network (WIN) eNewsletter
The Wisconsin Innovation Network (WIN) eNewsletter, a periodical of news, events and programs that focuses on the needs and challenges faced by new and growing technology-based businesses in Wisconsin.

White Paper Reports
Members of the Wisconsin Technology Council have offered a roadmap for tech development in “Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.” The "white papers" in this section build upon that vision.

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