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Wisconsin’s economy has been shaped and reshaped over the years by citizens who adapted quickly to changing times. We now stand at just such a crossroads in the history of the state. To build a 21st century economy, Wisconsin must make the most of its people, resources and opportunities, and meet the challenges posed by the rise of the “Knowledge Economy.”


For Wisconsin to take its place among the leaders of the Knowledge Economy – or, as it’s also called, “The Real-time Economy” – some specific things must take place. The state must grow, attract and retain more technology-based companies. It must build an infrastructure to support them. It must foster a tax and regulatory climate that encourages innovation. It must incubate a culture that values risk-taking and which attracts enough investment capital to fund our best and most marketable ideas. It must let the world know that Wisconsin has the strong research base, the quality of life and environment, and the creative workers to help the Knowledge Economy grow.

Members of the Wisconsin Technology Council have offered a roadmap for tech development in “Vision 2020: A Model Wisconsin Economy.” The "white papers" in this section build upon that vision.

How past white papers have contributed

Here's how past white papers by the Wisconsin Technology Council
have contributed to Wisconsin’s tech-based economy through legislative and executive branch actions:

2010-2011 White Papers

The Wisconsin Technology Council has released its 2010-2011 white papers report, called "Looking to the future: A case for bold action." This biennial report contains recommendations in four broad areas:

-- Increasing access to capital for Wisconsin entrepreneurs

-- Workforce development

-- Infrastructure and business climate

-- Technology development

Click here or above to read the full report, which was issued in July 2010.